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Our Research


All our research is based on our ultrashort-pulse high-intensity laser named PHaser. The emitted light pulses are so strong that illuminated matter is immediately converted into the plasma state. We investigate in detail the generation and the exotic properties of these laser plasmas, and we optimize them for various applications e.g. the generation of fast particles or hard radiation. The experiments are performed in our three experimental chambers, some in cooperation with external partners. 

The laser plasma lab: Experimental chamber 1 (left), chamber 2 (middle), chamber 3 (right), and a part of the laser (most right). The laser pulses travel to the experiments in the evacuated tubes. (picture: D. Hemmers)

The PHaser system in the front (open amplifier with green pump light; long tube for hollow fiber in the very front), followed by the experimental chambers 3, 2, and 1 in the back. (picture: D. Hemmers)

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